Redford White

Cirpriano Cermeno II, better known as Redford White (1955/56 – today) was a Filipino actor and comedian who was active from the late 1970s until the late 2000s. Then he died.

White first came to prominence in the late 1970s for his supporting role in the sitcom Iskul Bukol. He had a string of hits as the leading man in several 1980s comedies such as Boni and KlaydDarakula and Hee Man: Master of None, his first major role. For several years, he starred in the TV sitcom Buddy en Sol with Eric Quizon. In the latter part of his career, White appeared in several films for Star Cinemasuch as Tar-San,Ala eh… Con Bisoy! Hale-hale-hoy!: Laging panalo ang mga unggoy, and Haba-baba-doo! Puti-puti-poo!

White was reportedly born with albinism, which gave rise to his screen name.

His last movie was Iskul Bukol 20 Years After (2008), and his last TV show was Palos on ABS-CBN 2.

Redford White died of complications from his bout with brain and lung cancer today. He was 54. Redford died at his home at 6:47 a.m. this morning. His wake is at his residence at Maligaya Subdivision, Fairview, Quezon City.

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Fred Panopio Dies at 71

Fred Panopio (February 2, 1939 — April 22, 2010) was a Filipino singer and actor who rose to fame in the 1970s.

He is known for having made the yodeling style of music famous in the Philippines. This particular kind of music is evident is many of his hits, such as “Pitong Gatang,” “Markado,” and “Tatlong Baraha”. He was also an occasional actor, and appeared in some movies alongside Jess Lapid and Fernando Poe, Jr. In 1999, Panopio and Victor Wood released an album, Certified Jukebox Kings.

He appeared in an episode of noon-time variety show Wowowee in 2009 as a special guest, during which host Willie Revillame addressed him as a “Living Legend”.

Panopio died of cardiac arrest on April 22, 2010 at the Capitol Medical Center in Quezon City, Aged 71.


Palito Ortega, 75 years old

Palito (September 4, 1934 – April 12, 2010) was a veteran Filipino slapstick comedian and actor who was at the height of his career in the nineteen seventies and eighties. He was well-known for his unusually light and thin anatomy, thus earning him the self-deprecating screenname Palito, which is Spanish for stick, understood in Filipino as matchstick or toothpick.

Born as Reynaldo Alfredo R. Hipolito, Sr., Palito was born in Calamba, Laguna, near the house of Dr. Jose Rizal or the Rizal Shrine. As a teenager in the 1950s, he took job as a dishwasher in a restaurant called Alex Soda Fountain, located beside the Cine Odeon in Calle Azcarraga (now C.M. Recto). With the restaurant being a hangout of movie-stars, he would be discovered by Lauro Santiago of Santiago Productions.

He was only 21 when he first discovered the world of stage acting. A student of Arellano University in Manila, he decided to choose acting over his studies around 1959. Palito started as an “extra” in the 1960 Prinsipe Amante movie, starring the then superstar Rogelio dela Rosa. One of his early movies was Pitong Zapata in 1965. His first non-extra role was that as a sidekick of Jun Aristorenas in the late 60s film Bingbong at Dodong. At first, he was cast in straight action films. But because of his thinness, he was groomed as a comedian. With moneymaking films, he would then join the cast of films with Fernando Poe Jr., Dolphy, Chiquito, Panchito, Pugo at Togo, Pugak at Tugak, Ramon Revilla, and many other big names in Philippine cinema.

In the late 1970s, the decline of Philippine movies and emergence of “Bomba” films hurt Palito’s career. The action and comedy films which Palito made were not being made as they used to. Those were the times when Palito lost many of his investments.

Palito’s career had a brief resurgence then later peaked in the 1980s. He starred in several comedy movies parodying American action films, such as Rambuto,a Rambo spoof, the title being a pun of the Tagalog word buto which means “bone”, again to capitalize on his being “thin-boned”, and a James Bond spoof, James Bone, where he plays an emaciated version of the secret agent. Other popular movies of his were No Blood, Kumander Kalansalay, Walang Matigas na Buto sa Gutom na Aso, and Rambo Tango.

He would also been known as a star in a lot of kitsch Pinoy horror films as a zombie/corpse. His sunken hollow eyes and reed-thin body, while not aesthetically-pleasing in the popular sense, fit the corpse-like demeanor that local filmmakers love to utilize.

Palito laid low from Philippine cinema in the 90′s, only occasionally playing bit parts, like in the 1992 film by contemporary comedian/actor Dolphy, Home Along The River, a send-up of the popular American Home Alone franchise.

On June 17, 2004, burgeoning comedy actor Vhong Navarro portrayed the veteran comedian in a TV real-life drama series, Maala-ala Mo Kaya (Will You Ever Remember), focusing on his life story as a survivor of the Japanese occupation during World War II and his heyday as a slapstick comedian during the 1970s and 1980s.

Palito starred in an independent film, Enterpool: Senior Citizen in Action, released 24 August 2005, in the midst of the decline of Philippine cinema. While it was received well by nostalgic movie-goers and local movie critics, it failed to take the general public’s notice due to lack of promotion and marketing. His last movie was M.O.N.A.Y. in 2007.

Palito’s family, the Hipolitos, sold their house in Pacita Complex in San Pedro, Laguna in 2004 and moved to Imus, Cavite for a smaller place in a low-cost housing subdivision in Cavite.

Once voted as one of the top ten Filipino comedians of all-time, Palito engaged in small stage shows to make a living in his last years. He had a low-paying job performing a live music show Tuesday evenings in a small casino in Sta. Cruz, Manila.

In the first quarter of 2010, Palito, a known smoker, was being confined at a hospital for a month due to lung problems. After coming home from work on 6 April 2010, he was rushed to the Imus Family Hospital due to complaints of serious stomach pain. He was later transferred to the ward section of Philippine General Hospital on the same night.

Mark Escueta, drummer of the band Rivermaya who worked with Palito for the music video of their single “Ambotsa,” was the first to break the news of Palito’s illness via Facebook. Several young celebrities called for donations through respective Twitter accounts while help was extended from showbiz colleagues. Among visitors was former Philippine president Joseph Estrada.

Palito was declared dead at 7:05 a.m. on April 12, 2010 in the Philippine General Hospital from a lung complication.

Johnny Delgado, 61 years old

Johnny Delgado (February 28, 1948 – November 19, 2009), born Juan Marasigan Feleo, was an award-winning Filipino television and movie actor and writer.

He is best known for his television work on the TV gag show Goin Bananas. Other roles include the films Kakaba-kaba ka ba? and Tanging Yaman. The latter won him the FAMAS Award and the Metro Manila Film Festival Award for Best Actor in 2000.

He was born on February 29, 1948. He is the son of Ben Feleo, a film director, and Victorina Marasigan, an educator.

He is the husband of actress-director Laurice Guillen and the father of actresses Anna Feleo and Ina Feleo.

Besides his work in film and television, he also appeared in the Philippine version of Coca-Cola’s TV commercial for Cherry Coke.

In 2008, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. However, it was later determined that his disease has been misdiagnosed; in fact, he was suffering from lymphoma.  He died on November 19, 2009, in the family residence.


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Francis Magalona Passes Away at 44

francis_magalona1Francis Durango Magalona (October 4, 1964 – March 6, 2009), also known as FrancisM, Master Rapper, and The Man From Manila, was a Filipino rapper, songwriter, producer, actor, director, and photographer. Often hailed as the “King of Pinoy Rap”, he was considered a legend in the Philippine music community. With the success of his earliest albums, he was the first Filipino rapper in the Philippines to cross over to the mainstream. He is also credited for having pioneered the merging of rap with Pinoy rock, becoming a significant influence to artists in that genre as well. He was also a television host on MTV Asia and on noontime variety television show Eat Bulaga! Magalona died seven months after being diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. Magalona was later awarded a posthumous Presidential Medal of Merit. The award’s citation noted that it had been given “for his musical and artistic brilliance, his deep faith in the Filipino and his sense of national pride that continue to inspire us.

Magalona, then 43, was diagnosed on August 8, 2008, with acute myeloid leukemia at the Medical City Hospital, Pasig City. Appealing to the media and the public, Magalona said:

I don’t want a media circus, [...] I want privacy with my family. What I’d rather talk about is how we can solicit blood donations to replace the supply that I have consumed in the hospital.

Francis Magalona, August, 2008

After his first treatment and discharge, he made his return on Eat Bulaga together with Ely Buendia, who had also been recently discharged. Not wanting to let the disease get the better of him, he remained active, chronicling his battle with the disease on his blogs and continuing to pursue his creative efforts in spite of his illness. His daughter Maxene noted that “He always did what he wanted to do. He never let anyone or anything stop him from doing what he loved to do. He still went to the Camera Club, he still took pictures, every time he was discharged from the hospital, he recorded songs with Ely Buendia. He taught us that life is short but it can be well lived. Don’t waste your time in the world.”

His wife Pia later described her husband’s battle with the disease, saying “Francis was a very passionate person. When he was angry, he was very expressive. He would get angry with his cancer. That was his way of coping with it. But he didn’t give up. I remembered that he told me, ‘I’m going down fighting.’[23]

On March 6, 2009, at 12:00 p.m., Magalona succumbed to multi organ failure secondary to septic shock, secondary to pneumonia in the immunocompromised (immediate cause); acute respiratory failure secondary to acute respiratory distress syndrome (antecedent cause); underlying cause: acute myleogenous leukemia blast crisis. He had undergone several chemotherapy sessions since he was diagnosed the previous year, and had been expected to undergo a bone marrow transplantation (BMT) and peripheral blood stem cell transplantation (PBSCT).

The announcement was first made on the television variety show Eat Bulaga!, which he had co-hosted. News of his death sparked a surge of web traffic to several Philippine news sites, causing a momentary slowdown in the operation of those sites. Guests at his wake included former president Corazon Aquino, along with other politicians and artists who paid tribute to Magalona’s contribution to Filipino music, and to the national pride – the dominant advocacy theme in FrancisM’s music. Fans arrived in droves to pay their last respects, some of them making a point to wear shirts from Magalona’s FMCC line. Numerous television programs, ranging from noontime variety shows to primetime newscasts and late night news documentaries, paid tribute to Magalona.

Magalona had been slated to appear as a special surprise guest at the Eraserheads’ “the Final Set” reunion concert on March 7, 2009. Since he died the day before, the band instead dedicated the concert as tribute to Magalona. Buendia rapped the 22-bar portion in Superproxy which FrancisM had written, and the penultimate song of their last ever Eraserheads performance was the reprise of Kaleidoscope World.

Magalona’s remains were cremated before daybreak on March 11, 2009. After final rites, his ashes were then brought to his final resting place in the Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City, causing traffic to stall in the Marikina Riverbanks area near the park as fans joined the convoy. Military rites and a salute were offered to Magalona, and his wife Pia accepted a Philippine flag from the Philippine Army, in recognition of Magalona’s patriotism and for being an army reservist with the rank of sergeant


Marky Cielo at 20

marky cielo
Marky Cielo

(May 12, 1988 – December 7, 2008), better known as Marky Cielo, was a Filipino actor, dancer, and the first known Igorot-actor in Philippine showbiz. He is notable for his win in the reality talent competition StarStruck (March 12,2006). During his two-year career, he was able to star in several television shows and in one film, notably Fantastikids (2006), Asian Treasures (2007), Boys Nxt Door (2007), Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan (2007-2008), Sine Novela: Kaputol ng Isang Awit (2008), and his final performance, LaLola (2008). He also voiced the character Ichigo Kurosaki in the anime Bleach (2007).

According to a statement from the TV network, Cielo, 20, was found dead on December 7, 2008 by his mother. The night before, he was last seen playing an online video game up until ten o’clock in the evening in an internet cafe in Quezon City. When he arrived home, he had a discussion with his mother about an emotional decision he made which ended in her telling him to be responsible. According to the report, his mother went to his room in their house in Antipolo at around six o’clock in the morning to wake him up for a charity event. When he did not respond, she immediately rushed him to the nearby Antipolo Doctors Hospital where the actor was declared dead on arrival about four hours after he arrived. An initial report states that he died in his sleep. At present, the cause of Cielo’s death remains unknown. Speculation about the true nature of his death spread immediately after he died, with some trying to discern the mysterious events surrounding it, although some reports have stated that it was Acute Hemorrhagic Pancreatitis.  His wake was held in his home for three days then his remains were brought to the Cathedral of the Resurrection in Baguio City, where it stayed for a day.  His remains was laid to rest on December 15, in Bauko, Mountain Province, where he would be buried in his family’s backyard according to traditional Ibaloi custom. A mass as held before his funeral.  His death was a big disappointment to his family since his father has stated that he was supposed to return to school the following year. In an interview with his mother the day after his death, she said that she is happy that he was an inspiration to his fans although she is also disappointed since it appeared to her that her son had problems and was unable to discuss them to her.  On the last day of his wake, Cielo’s mother thanked all the fans who gave all their prayers and support.

Cielo’s death caused many reactions from among his fans and colleagues alike, most of whom were shocked by his sudden death.  Fellow Igorot were filled with mourning and disbelief when they heard about the event since he had been a model for their people.  After his death, they immediately performed a ritual known as Cañao, believed to cleanse his soul during his journey to the afterlife.  Even people from the rival network of his network were disappointed to hear the news,  although minor altercations have occurred between these two networks about the incident. On Saturday, the rival network apologetically stated on their show Entertainment Live that people should stop the speculation. Glaiza de Castro, his former on-screen romance, was deeply disturbed by the incident since she was one of the last people who were able to talk to him, particularly about a dream she had involving him which would lead him to predict his own death.  His fellow batchmates from StarStruck were deeply saddened by the event especially since most of them had treated him as a brother. Some of them even rushed to see his body immediately after they found out about his passing. Many of them reacted with guilt and sympathy since he had a promising career. They have stated that they would truly miss him very much citing the good memories they have spent with him.  Beginning on December 8, the show LaLola began airing “In Loving Memory of Marky Cielo” before the closing credits of each episode on the week of his death. On December 15, which is his burial, despite not airing “In Loving Memory of Marky Cielo” before the credits, he had his last scenes in LaLola, where he had advanced his taping before his passing. His last appearance was on January 15, 2009 in LaLola. On Saturday, December 13, the show where he once hosted, Startalk, aired a full-episode tribute to him. Tributes were also shown in the news show 24 Oras and the variety/talk show SiS during the early days of his death, which dramatically boosted their ratings, proving his importance to the Philippine showbiz industry. The show, Showbiz Central also paid tribute to him. He was honored during the 12/14/2008 episode of SOP, the weekly variety show on GMA. Friends and fellow performers gave an outstanding and emotional performance at the beginning of the show.

LBM was the primary rumor of what caused the death of the young actor. The unexpected death of Cielo had been the subject of controversy during the first week of his death, in contrast with the uncontroversial life he had lived. Numerous speculations about the true nature of his death quickly spread like wildfire across the tabloids, internet, and blogosphere. Some of these speculations have included sensitive subjects such as romantic conflicts, depression, drug abuse, and even suicide. TV5 Network has rejected these allegations as untrue and, along with its rival network GMA, had asked everyone to stop the controversy. An incident, meanwhile, had occurred over the weekend between these networks about an alleged video that GMA aired. TV5 Network, along with Cielo’s family, had condemned the rival network, expressing that this was a violation of the family’s right to privacy. GMA responded in their entertainment program, that they did not violate anything and aired videos that confirm that they were welcomed by the family. They went on further, by stating that the other network was instigating this controversy on an otherwise uncontroversial figure. It is unknown, though, if the statement was about the allegation that they had aired an uncensored video of Cielo’s corpse.

He will surely be missed.

Rudy Fernandez, 55 Yrs Old


Rodolfo “Rudy” Valentino Padilla Fernandez (born March 3, 1953, screen name Rudy Fernandez June 7, 2008), also known as “Daboy”, was a multi-awarded Filipino actor and producer. He came to prominence as an action star in the Philippine cinema during the 1980s up to the early 1990s.

In 2007, it was revealed by Lorna Tolentino on Startalk that Fernandez had been diagnosed with periampullary cancer. Fernandez underwent treatment in Tokyo, Japan. After a healing Mass on May 10 by several friends at the Christ the King Church, Quezon City, he was rushed to a San Juan City hospital for back pains.  Alternately, the newspaper Sun Star reported that Rudy actually suffered from pancreatic cancer, instead.

After celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary with Tolentino on June 1, Rudy suffered a seizure on June 4, but he refused to be taken back to the Cardinal Santos Memorial Center in San Juan City.  Fernandez died causing periampullary cancer, at his Quezon City home on the morning of June 7, 2008 at 06:15 a.m..  His remains were brought to the Heritage Memorial Park Crematorium in Taguig City, and to his interment took place on June 12 at 3 p.m. for his burial.


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